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Company Background

Avishkar Innovative Pvt Ltd is a technology integrator company that offers Products and turnkey solutions in an Automation Products & Embedded domain. We are driven by industry leaders consists of group of Ex-Scientists from top Government & Defence Organization, Project & Firmware Designers, Experienced Firmware Professionals having rendered their Products In the field Of Automation.

Our primary focus is to build a strong portfolio of customer accounts based on our ability to deliver high quality, reliable Products and solutions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



       Avishkar Video Library

Video Library is an E – Learning software through which an authorized user can able to watch the video with related books or files in parallel with all the needed controls. And only Admin can have all the controls to Add, Update, View and Delete the videos and files. This project is designed to develop a library of video clips and PDF files illustrating the Common Core shifts in action, along with effective teaching practices, it is mainly developed for education purpose and videos and its related PDF files display at a time and also according to video time the information related to video will display in PDF file under the video.

User: After registration, user can login with their user name and password, if user name and password is not matched according to requirement then user will get error message. User can get the list of videos and related PDF files and also he can search and advance search the videos according to their requirement. The files will scroll accordingly with the video, if user wants to scroll the file manually, he/she should pause the video first.