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Telecommunication Solutions

We are Business Partners to ONEACCESS.

ONEACCESS products deliver enterprise-class Telecommunication environments that increase server and other resource usage, improve performance, increase security and reduce system downtime. This brings down the cost and complexity of delivering enterprise Products. Using existing technology, we use ONEACCESS to roll out new applications with less risk and low costs. This is the next generation of industry-leading Infrastructure solutions that optimizes storage and networking.

It enables multiple systems and their applications to run independently in machines while sharing physical resources. The Infrastructure suite delivers comprehensive virtualization, management, resource optimization, application availability and operational automation capabilities.

Enterprise Solutions With the help of ONEACCESS products, our team provides computing environments to enterprise employees, partners, and customers. This delivers a full experience without compromising security.


Customised Software Solutions

We ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information for our customers. With businesses gaining the ability to share information and information technology resources, the issue of ensuring security and validity of information has become very vital. We have a specific focus on providing information security solutions & customised Software Solutions.

Our solutions help customers implement policies with industry best practices and deploying the best available products and technologies. We have a comprehensive range of Software solutions with coverage of all perimeters of network to endpoint solutions.



We prefer secure and monitored IT infrastructure for the clients and we implement that in many different way which normally goes with

-      Biometric surveillance

-      RFID Surveillance

-      Corporate Surveillance

-      Surveillance cameras

-      Computer Surveillance and the surveillance products we offer are

-      Surveillance Network

-      PTZ/Dome/ Infrared camera

-      Access/Door control

-      Intruder prevention alarm

-      Monitoring tools

-      DVR/IVR appliances

-      Fibre Backbone, Rugged Network Devices.


Servers, Storage & Virtualization

The selection of the correct hardware depends on the required applications and a number of other important considerations. Data passes through a life cycle and it is essential that at each stage it is stored in the appropriate medium. Cost benefits can be realized by the correct solution. we will help you evaluate the important factors to create a custom built strategy within business and work with design a solution that meets requirements.

Consolidation and virtualization are now critical given the growing archiving needs of corporations. The introduction of new applications as well as consolidation of legacy applications increases data availability and retrieval parameters across wide area and local area networks. We bring the best of alliances into datacenter – whether hosted or outsourced. In addition, we bring IT management techniques that ensure high availability and security.


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